Lettuce Heals Me


Patients sharing with patients
Healing is not a cure
Healing is an activity, like talking n walking
It takes infinite number of steps, and biochemical and electrical reactions, per second
Plus all the energies which human senses and limited brain reception, cannot detect and so are unaware of
So, the most we can do is not interfere with our bodies healing procedures
And try to give body what it needs to carry out its work
Have you been told there is nothing to be done for your pain and malfunctioning of your body’s normal activities?
Are you left crying at night alone with your severe infected acne, psoriasis, menstrual cramps, infertility, or miscarriages, Rheumatism, arthritis?
Depressed from seeing no hope to your pain?
Have doctors told you to adjust and he can send you psychiatrist who will give you pills for your depressed mood?
Are you addicted to pain killers? Instead —–> Have you tried a natural remedy for pain relief ?
For non-healing burns, tumor pains, or pain from radiation burns all thru your insides
So I can’t eat without freezing your throat beforehand
Have you seen a lived one starve to death because the intestines are all burned from radiation therapy and can’t absorb food anymore?
Do you hold hope that all this suffering can be prevented and discontinued?
Here is only one story of many
This one I personally got involved with
Mrs. Elaine Muise, the late wife of Larry Muise
In 2001 south of Yarmouth nova Scotia
a friend told me how his friend Larry Muise was depressed coz he was losing his wife to liver cancer,
she had heart attack from last session of chemotherapy, which doctor then gave her up as hopeless case, who could no longer receive medical treatments
I said we have to do something
But he would not tell his friend of my lettuce drink solution
So I found out where his friend and dying wife and their Two young teens lived
and knocked on the door
Just saying I was a helper
I told him it won’t cost him a penny to blend this lettuce n celery juice for his wife
Her friend took her into her house and prepared 100% raw veggies so she would not be tempted to cheat on this strict diet
After two or three weeks
Elaine returned to Halifax for her twice monthly ascites removal by a long needle thru her abdominal cavity
The nurses said: you don’t need to have it done this week there is no liquid there to remove
Then her cancer doctor, Dr Bentley of Halifax said: sit down I want to talk with you
He said “so what have u been doing, because your blood test for cancer cells count is as good if not better than mine”
Elaine laughed and said, well it’s nothing that You did, I’m sure of that”
Dr Bentley said ” I don’t want to know what you’re doing, but I’m telling you to keep doing it”
Elaine kept well without pain or ascite as long as she followed the lettuce and celery juice diet
Later her friends and church discounted this as coincidence, and raised funds so they could do hands on healing on her
She died shortly after
Her children and friends learned there is hope
And that you can never go back to lifestyle which fed the tumors to begin with
It did not cost her or her family one penny
You may contact her husband Larry Muise of Springhaven Canoe Outfitters for his testimony
Or Elaine’s doctor
Dr Bentley of cancer care ,Halifax hospital
We care about you
If you try the lettuce juice diet
Please share your experience with others here

expert medical Reference: Dr Kirschner’s book Live Juices

He was in charge of a large sanitorium in California
Got patients out of bed after years in bed, by prescribing fresh green juice, also treated leukemic children and cancer patients
Dr Kellogg’s book Diphtheria,it’s care and recovery, never lost a patient, while children on his colleagues’ wards died rate 75%

Obomsawin,Raymond,PhD,CIDA Report,Universal Immunisation: revealsNutritional Alternatives,the fatal side effects and consistent failures of vaccinations,Graphs showing 98% decrease of diseases before the use of vaccines,Soil n immunity,author travelled throughout world to research this report
Dr Vera Scheibner,M.D.,
book,Vaccinations:100 years of Assault on the Immune System
Australian doctor showing All medical research showing cancers,brain damage ,seizure disorders ,and SIDS deaths,thanks to her development of state of the art Infant Monitor,Cotswatch,which proved the vaccinations were the main cause of SIDS
Book,From Soil To Psyche

Dr Carl Pfeiffer,MD, late
hired by NIMH,National Institute of Mental Health
Book,Nutrition and Mental Health,treated severe and long term institutionalized patients,addictions,violence,sex offenders using removing foods causing brain allergy n malfunctioning,also added hormones nutrients,zinc,vitamins and magnesium to fight severe suicidal depressions and bipolar symptom s
Created Brain Biocenter ,
Dr Abram Hoffer,late-Orthomolecular Medicine ,trained n conferences for medical doctors

Remember, your body can heal itself without you spending a penny on various products, n services
Many promises out there,
Can cost you and put you in debt
That stress can make you sick
We sell nothing
But share stories

Here’s the simple recipe:
Step 1. In a blender add one cup of distilled or filtered water
Step 2. Add Two romaine leaves or tree leaves like linden, cut into inch pieces
And one Celery stalk cut in one inch pieces
Step 3. Blend for a maximum of one minute
Important to drink right away, it does not keep
*Optional: pass through cheesecloth or sieve to drink only juice

Fiber is good to increase gut Bacteria which produce vitamin B complex, including vitamin b12
Important to prevent anemia
If we stop feeding our tumors
It’s just logical that the tumor will shrink
This is not a cure
This is simply giving body what it needs to do its complicated activity of healing
Take care
We care